21 March, 2010

Magical Sunshine

My soul sings of Spring sunshine, childhood light and Summer evenings; the magic of making mud pies and rolling down grassy hills, or swinging so high you touch the sky with the tips of your toes; finding images in the clouds and searching for butterflies.

Birds sing with the wind's waltz, weaving through the trees and skating along the earth's green carpet. The air feels and smells of Spring, warm golden sunshine cloaks me. Enchantment surrounds me, fills me, whispers secrets in my ear.

Happiness is swelling inside me. Sparkles of imagination, joy, laughter, inspiration, love, beauty and magic are all dancing through my veins. It's the feeling of dreaming that perfect dream.

I spent five glorious hours outside today and feel richer than if I had found a treasure trove of gems. All 300 precious minutes were jewels.

I'm totally and completely happy. Perfection exists.


Hope Chella said...

These pictures put me at ease :) Great blog! xx

Lemon said...

oh spring! i want to go explore some path in the woods now.

Anonymous said...

Have you always been so positive person Princess Camille?

William Peters said...

Such wonderful pictures! Reminds me of my own childhood and exploring places like this.

Princess Camille said...

Thank you for all your lovely comments! They make me happy! I hope you all find somewhere lovely to explore too, and the Spring is with you! <3

Anonymous said...

Your photographs are wonderful! I used to explore remote places when I was young, but where I grew up it was acres and acres of fields where the local farmers had planted their crops of pumpkins, alfalfa, etc. It was magical to be out in nature without anyone else around.