01 March, 2010


A pocketful of treasures, a trunk full of secrets; stowed away daydreams laying forgotten under layers of time's shadow dust. Blow away and watch it glisten in the sun peaking through the cracks of the ceiling; spiderwebs. The sound of the lock echoes in the breathing air. I peek inside... and discover a long ago memory, still waiting for me.

Fairies are dancing across my mind against the hum of a far distant sea.

Painting "Attic Light" by artist Peter Taylor Quidley


William Peters said...

I recently went through my own box of treasures, full of toys and puzzles from long ago. Luckily there were no cobwebs there, only the "dust" of the many still lingering memories, and the reflections of a simpler life.

Princess Camille said...

I love old treasures and memories, trinkets and captured images of time past. Each has a piece of my soul embedded into them, and reliving parts of my old self is wonderful. I'm glad you feel the same. <3

Susan said...

"Attic Light" is beautifully painted with your words, Cami. I wish I had an antique trunk to store my memories in, a card-board box just isn't as beautiful, somehow. I prefer the romance of images of the past.

Princess Camille said...

Oh thank you, sweet Susan! I too prefer the romance of the past, and love to bring Victorian treasures into my life. It helps give me happiness and magic. <3