10 March, 2010

Down the Rabbit Hole

I tumbled down the Rabbit Hole 5 March into a new and darker Wonderland, full of many seemingly impossible things: talking flowers, vanishing cats, potions and cakes that can make you shrink or grow, and Mad Tea Parties.

This isn't Lewis Carroll's tale of Alice, but Tim Burton's imagined continuation of the story–– a journey of self discovery and good vs. evil as imaginative Alice is caught up in a unique, magical world under the reign of the Red Queen, far different than the Wonderland she thought she knew.

I was awed by the visual feast and inspired by this wonderful film's magic and inspiration. I must tumble back down to Wonderland soon.


Anonymous said...

I'd really like to see Alice some time. The movie looks brilliant! I always loved reading the book when I was a little girl.

Coco x


Princess Camille said...

It is a lovely movie, though different from the book, which I absolutely love!

Your blog is lovely, Coco. I look forward to reading future posts. From what you've written so far, you seem like a kindred spirit! <3