31 January, 2010

Night Life

Outside the world is covered in night. Against its dark blanket are pinpricks of lantern light, which glow like the eyes of a cat. The stars hanging above are lost, faraway city lights. There is something so mysterious about them.

The world is holding its breath, standing still, waiting... waiting... waiting for the morning to dawn and for the earth to awaken. But the night is already pulsing with life: the birds are singing, rabbits are hopping leisurely on the lawns below my window, the wind is waltzing through the trees and sky.

Even darkness is lovely.

29 January, 2010

A Dash of Sprinkles

This evening I baked sugar cookies and frosted them with vanilla icing and sprinkled them with the colours of the rainbow. I also bought eight drops of gold and placed them in a vase, because flowers' beauty, heavenly scent and friendly smiles uplift my spirits.

Baking is always an adventure: you mix ingredient after ingredient and never know what new taste you're going to discover! I love surprises.

24 January, 2010

The Illusionist

Tonight I watched The Illusionist. There's something so magical and mysterious about this movie. It provides the same thrill as watching a full length magic show: the entire time the audience holds their breath, just waiting for the magician to pull the rabbit out of his hat. But then he does something totally unexpected, and we realise with glee that we've been tricked. When the magician takes his final bow at the conclusion of the show, we're in awe at all the marvels we've just witnessed, and come to full understand the meaning of illusion.

Nothing is what it seems.

21 January, 2010

Paint Set

I love looking at the sky and seeing each day's new masterpiece. I can just imagine an artist with his blank canvas, dipping his brush into countless colours and stroking his design with breathtaking light and beauty. I especially love looking to see if he has any pictures hidden amongst the clouds. It's a constantly changing painting.

I could gaze up towards the heavens for hours, with my only company being sweet fruit tea and my daydreams.

19 January, 2010

Tulip Skirt

I wish I had a skirt made from a Tulip's blossom; I would love to carry a flower's beauty and sweet aroma with me wherever I go.

17 January, 2010

The Imagination Train

I spend most of my time inside my head. I love riding a train of thought to whatever destination it takes me. Upon arrival, I dance with a variety of magical images; it truly is a wonderful and enchanting experience.

I love living my life with a childlike wonder and building castles in the skies of my imagination. Life is so magical and beautiful. Happiness and beauty is found all around us; all one has to do is search for it. What are you waiting for? Hop on the Imagination Train and travel to your next wondrous destination.

But most importantly, enjoy the ride!