27 July, 2010

Ocean Dream

I swim in an Underwater Realm amongst fish and coral reefs, my tail glistening in the ocean light. My fingers brush against the seaweed and seashells buried deep in the sand, stars of the sea. Pearls are laced in my hair, glitter dots my skin. Magic vibrates through the water in hues of green and blue.

I was born to be a Mermaid.

All of these lovely paintings are by Josephine Wall.

23 July, 2010


Photo by Lissy Elle on Flickr

19 July, 2010


Walls of bush and ivy tower over me, trapping me within. I wander around and around, taking first one path, then another. Twisting, turning, weaving; dead end after dead end. Searching, expecting it to be just around the next corner. But it's always the wrong way.

I'm lost; my compass has stopped working.

Image found from Google Images

17 July, 2010


I gaze up in the clouds and witness magic working, creating wonder for those who wish to truly see.

Image Source: I wish I knew... I found it somewhere online. But it's marvelous!

11 July, 2010


Laying on my stomach in front of the Victorian dollhouse, arranging furniture and whispering stories. The dolls move from room to room, oblivious of my choking fingers around their fragile frames.

Mother bakes, Father reads, the children play, baby sleeps. My narration is weaving, my mind creating; imagining. For this precious moment, I'm a little girl again.

Images found on Google Images.

07 July, 2010

Satin and Lace

Satin and ribbon, tutus and lace.

The stage lights glisten, the music caresses. Bodies move in fluid movement, flowing with Odette's grace and the Sugarplum Fairy's magic.

All of these lovely Images were found through Google Images.

05 July, 2010


Holding a glittering flame in your hand...

A dazzle in the night sky...

Painting glowing pictures against an inky canvas...

One's own Sparkle of Happiness.

Images found through Google Images

01 July, 2010

Fantasy Tea

Gowns of lace and silk, flowers weaved into auburn locks. Fine china and ribbons; little ladies playing dress up. A little cream, two scoops of sugar. Warm porcelain between your fingers, steam tickling your nose as it twirls in the air with soft, bubbly laughter. Gooey biscuits and strawberry tarts staining white pressed gloves, sugar sprinkled on dimpled rosy cheeks.

Image found on the blog of "The Teastained Page."