19 July, 2010


Walls of bush and ivy tower over me, trapping me within. I wander around and around, taking first one path, then another. Twisting, turning, weaving; dead end after dead end. Searching, expecting it to be just around the next corner. But it's always the wrong way.

I'm lost; my compass has stopped working.

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Not Wendy said...

What a beautiful image. Being lost is frightning, but I think sometimes the only way to truly find happiness is to experience the lost-ness for a while.


Princess Camille said...

Thank you for your lovely comment! I agree that experiencing being lost helps us find happiness. It was shortly after I wrote this post that I found my compass again, and now I'm going in a new direction that I feel is right and that I'm excited about. But I wouldn't have appreciated this new path if I hadn't experienced my labyrinth; I may never have even found it. Life is mysterious that way. :)

Not Wendy said...

Indeed, indeed. So happy you found your compass, darling! <3

Mademoiselle N.D. said...

Congratulations on your progress!

It takes a lot of courage to make decisions when one is lost. ♡