19 April, 2010

Blossom Secret

Flowers love to share secrets, whisper magical things into a willing listener's ear.

The blossoms said a ladybug was nearby, wanting to play.

I always listen to the flowers; they're my friends.

15 April, 2010

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

Go on an enchanting journey about a magical toy store run by the 243 year old Mr. Magorium, who is full of optimism and believes in truly living; as a result, he enjoys everyday to its fullest.

This movie is perhaps one of my most favorites. It's full of wonder and magic, promoting the messages we need to see magic everywhere, exercise our imaginations and embrace our inner child. Anything is possible.

Believe in yourself and your dreams, find your "sparkle," and you'll create an amazing story just waiting to be read.

As Mr. Magorium stated: "Life is an occasion; rise to it."

13 April, 2010


Sometimes I am lost, an evaporating vapor in ocean mist. I've misplaced a part of my soul that I want back, a shard from the mirror of my childhood self. Searching... searching... looking for the little girl of “Once Upon a Time.” I want to keep this piece, lock it away. If only I could find it somewhere behind the looking glass...

Where have you gone? Why are you hiding?

Image by Jim M. Goldstein.

07 April, 2010

Locked Doors

A Fairy gives me a key to unlock an endless corridor of doors. I peek through each keyhole, searching for answers to where they lead. Secrets become heated whispers against my ear, symphonies of sound locked in the treasure chest of my heart blossoming inside me. Which door I open is a mystery only I know the answer to, but you'll be able to guess by how I live. Click! goes the lock; the handle turns, the door creaks open...

Image found on the website of "The Teastained Page" by Sarah in Wonderland.

04 April, 2010

Easter Magic

Spring sunshine and golden daffodils are my companion while walking through green grass; bunnies hop leisurely beside me and the warm spice of cinnamon carrot cake glides on my tongue; purple chrysanthemums light my room with their scent of heaven.

Listen... hear the birds singing tribute to their Creator. Join their hymn.

(Can you see the heart in the cloud?)

A time of peace, a time of beauty, a time of reflection, a time of love, a time of gratitude: Rebirth.

Happy Easter!