13 April, 2010


Sometimes I am lost, an evaporating vapor in ocean mist. I've misplaced a part of my soul that I want back, a shard from the mirror of my childhood self. Searching... searching... looking for the little girl of “Once Upon a Time.” I want to keep this piece, lock it away. If only I could find it somewhere behind the looking glass...

Where have you gone? Why are you hiding?

Image by Jim M. Goldstein.


Princess Phoebe said...

Sometimes, when I'm sad or lonely, I too wonder where the other part of myself has gone. I know she's hiding with my childhood self and my other missing memories, in the dark recesses of the land of lost things.

As always, that was a beautifully written piece. I always find that I can speak better to paper than I could out loud. I think that's why I appreciate writing and poetry so much. x

Princess Camille said...

Thank you for your lovely comment! I agree: writing allows me to express inner parts of my soul. Lately I've had a harder time writing, and realized that it was so much easier to do when I was younger. I'm trying to unleash the child creativity and flow that used to be my companion, as I miss getting lost in words for hours on end, writing anything and everything.

William Peters said...

I have also felt this way in my life, like a vapor dissolving into the mist. But reading this made me wonder: maybe we aren't really "lost" in moments like these, just "searching". We spread out thinly over as large of an area as possible so we can look for the next phase of our lives. Once we find it, we pull ourselves together in the new location and are able to move forward and focus on the path we have discovered there.

I'll need to think about this some more for myself, but I have faith and confidence in you and am sure you'll find what you are looking for soon.

Zettai daijoubu da yo!