28 February, 2010

Playing With Frosting

Food is so much more fun if you play with it.

27 February, 2010

Rainbow Treasure

All week I've been looking for rainbows. This afternoon, in the midst of the pouring rain, I finally found one.

First I shot a photograph from my window, but the reflection in the glass ruined the rainbow's majesty, so I ran outside.

It was so breathtaking, with such a bright glow and stunning colours. It was truly a taste of heaven on earth.

Did you know rainbows have reflections? Anything alive and magical does.

Soon the rain trickled to a stop, and the rainbow began fading to go travel to another sky somewhere else in the world.

I had been in such a hurry to capture the rainbow that I ran outside without any shoes. The grass was wet and cold; the sound of mud squished between my toes.

Even though the rainbow had gone, the sky wasn't finished with marvelling me. The sun shone brightly through the trees in a friendly wave goodbye.

21 February, 2010

Magical Week

I had a Magical Week:

Made brownies–– with sprinkles, of course–– and gooey peanut butter cookies.

Treated Myself to Flowers as I love myself and enjoy making myself happy. Flowers are the perfect way; they're magic, you know.

Visited with my Reflection.

Stared out my Window. Windows are constantly changing Portals; you never know what you'll see when you peek out.

And Captured Sunsets; I love learning the Sky's mood through the variety of Sunsets and Sunrises I'm blessed to receive.

Tomorrow begins another Wonderful Week, with New Treasures to Discover and Adventures to Live!

13 February, 2010


This evening I went exploring. I decided to take a recently discovered pathway that runs along the gate near my flat.

The birds in the branches above me provided me with songs to walk with.

I passed ivy hugging trunks, tangles of twigs dancing closely together to keep warm and cobwebs against the sky. There were also many mysterious muddy paths that lead to unknown destinations.

I found a Rabbit burrow and peered inside, but unfortunately no one was home.

I met my neighbours, the cows and sheep that live on the land bordering my own. I paused to talk with them and they graciously spared me a few moments conversation, even though I had interrupted them in the midst of their dinner.

I wanted to see where all the diverging pathways led, but Miss Darkness was starting to cover my world, and all the little ice faries were pinching my hands and cheeks with cold.

I found a single blue feather as token of this evening's adventures. It'll be a treasure for my pocket.

I love exploring.