27 February, 2010

Rainbow Treasure

All week I've been looking for rainbows. This afternoon, in the midst of the pouring rain, I finally found one.

First I shot a photograph from my window, but the reflection in the glass ruined the rainbow's majesty, so I ran outside.

It was so breathtaking, with such a bright glow and stunning colours. It was truly a taste of heaven on earth.

Did you know rainbows have reflections? Anything alive and magical does.

Soon the rain trickled to a stop, and the rainbow began fading to go travel to another sky somewhere else in the world.

I had been in such a hurry to capture the rainbow that I ran outside without any shoes. The grass was wet and cold; the sound of mud squished between my toes.

Even though the rainbow had gone, the sky wasn't finished with marvelling me. The sun shone brightly through the trees in a friendly wave goodbye.


William Peters said...

Very nice! Is it just my imagination, or did you really have a "double rainbow" experience? In your top and third pictures, I can see a faint second arch above the first. The colors look reversed to me, too, which is what happens on the second rainbow. If so, that's twice the magic for you! <3

Princess Camille said...

Yes, it WAS another rainbow! I forgot to mention that. They really were spectacular. The pictures fail to capture how vivid, bright and stunning the rainbows were. If only I had cameras in my eyes! <3