13 February, 2010


This evening I went exploring. I decided to take a recently discovered pathway that runs along the gate near my flat.

The birds in the branches above me provided me with songs to walk with.

I passed ivy hugging trunks, tangles of twigs dancing closely together to keep warm and cobwebs against the sky. There were also many mysterious muddy paths that lead to unknown destinations.

I found a Rabbit burrow and peered inside, but unfortunately no one was home.

I met my neighbours, the cows and sheep that live on the land bordering my own. I paused to talk with them and they graciously spared me a few moments conversation, even though I had interrupted them in the midst of their dinner.

I wanted to see where all the diverging pathways led, but Miss Darkness was starting to cover my world, and all the little ice faries were pinching my hands and cheeks with cold.

I found a single blue feather as token of this evening's adventures. It'll be a treasure for my pocket.

I love exploring.


William Peters said...

Such a lovely and peaceful area, though the trees seem rather lifeless now because Spring is a still few weeks away. I wonder what it will be like in a couple of months.

Princess Camille said...

I can't wait to find out how lovely it'll be! At least the grass is still green right now! I had a lot of fun, but it would have been even more fun if you could have joined me in my explorations! :)

Mademoiselle N.D. said...

Adventures are great fun, aren't they? Please post more! I enjoy them very much. ♥