21 February, 2010

Magical Week

I had a Magical Week:

Made brownies–– with sprinkles, of course–– and gooey peanut butter cookies.

Treated Myself to Flowers as I love myself and enjoy making myself happy. Flowers are the perfect way; they're magic, you know.

Visited with my Reflection.

Stared out my Window. Windows are constantly changing Portals; you never know what you'll see when you peek out.

And Captured Sunsets; I love learning the Sky's mood through the variety of Sunsets and Sunrises I'm blessed to receive.

Tomorrow begins another Wonderful Week, with New Treasures to Discover and Adventures to Live!


William Peters said...

What was that wild animal in the last picture? I hope it wasn't going rabbit hunting!

Princess Camille said...

It was a Kitty! He wanders around Campus all the time. He's so adorable! I don't know what he was doing when I took the picture. (I was standing really far away, I might add, and did a lot of zooming to capture him while he ran.) Hopefully no rabbits were harmed in his wanderings!