09 March, 2010

Autumn's Song

Along this path, in phrases of light,
trees sing their leaves; each wind caress
a sigh, the forest’s breath. In the dusk,
lamplight flickers from the fairies harboured
within, huddling from the pinch of winter’s

approaching frost. Fire, gold and rubies
are a scattered tapestry, evidence from half
naked branches lacing the cloudy sky. Sun,
now a stranger, shyly peeks through. Your fingers
trace the knots in the trees' bark, their giant

stature reaching towards heaven's gate,
evidence of time’s wisdom. Their ancient eyes
observe the forest grove; witnesses. The leaves
fall… fall….. fall…....
yet the trees never cease to sing.

Written by Princess Camille
A response poem to Carol Ann Duffy's "Plansong"

Image Source: Unknown (I got it offline too long ago to remember.)


Princess Camille said...

Always sit down and capture magical images that waltz through your mind and paint it out through words.