04 April, 2010

Easter Magic

Spring sunshine and golden daffodils are my companion while walking through green grass; bunnies hop leisurely beside me and the warm spice of cinnamon carrot cake glides on my tongue; purple chrysanthemums light my room with their scent of heaven.

Listen... hear the birds singing tribute to their Creator. Join their hymn.

(Can you see the heart in the cloud?)

A time of peace, a time of beauty, a time of reflection, a time of love, a time of gratitude: Rebirth.

Happy Easter!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OMG what a sweet and enchanting post and dreamer you are! Please Camille, come and join me and join us in Nowhere....a land that you must visit. See my sidebar for my other blogs. I see you have bunnies at your fingertips, as so do I. You ask when I started to learn French....AHHHH! I started my studies when I was 34 years old! I am 52 now, have 2 teaching licenses, a B.A. in French and a M.A. in teaching. Thank you for visiting and please, please come back!!!! Anita

Indie.Tea said...

The photographs are cute...they go so well with the rest of your blog.