21 September, 2010

Pocket Watch

The sand in the hourglass trickles away, sliding down... down... down... vanishing. Come back, I whisper. Come back.

I've stolen the White Rabbit's Pocket Watch. It's ticking, ticking... each second fairy dust slips through my fingers. I hide it in a jar and lock it away, where the Ticking Crocodile won't find it.

I still remember how to get to Neverland–– second star to the right. But some days I've forgotten how to fly. I cling to my happy thoughts, memories forever preserved as a constellation in the stars: searching for fairies at the bottom of the garden, gathering seashells scattered along the shore, lazy summer afternoons spent cloud watching and blowing dandelions. I'll never forget. I can't.

I'm twenty years old today. Too old, way too old, but not old enough to stop believing.

Image: "A Matter of Time" By Kathleen Patrick


Melee said...

Happy birthday, dear!!
I know what you mean - as I get older, I'm afraid I will forget how to fly. Some days I feel like I have! But, those times pass and, you're right, I don't think I could really forget. :)

Princess Camille said...

Oh thank you so much Melee! You are such a dear! <3

You are so fortunate to still be so young. I'm so glad you can never really forget either; flying is such a magical thing that it must forever be remembered. <3