09 August, 2010


'What did he say?'
“Something about a diagnosis.”
We focused on the Doctor leaning against the pasty white wall, light glowing ominously on his starched scrubs; he looked like an archangel perched over the Book of Life.
‘If he’s standing at the gleaming gate, I’m turning back.’
I laughed at that; the Doctor gave me a look before returning to his paperwork.
‘Don’t laugh; you look like you’re crazy.’
Scratching scribbling filled the room.
Mother rested an icy hand on my arm––– pat, pat, pat. Translation: “It’ll be alright. Don’t worry.”
Don’t worry, her catch phrase.
The Doctor began to rummage in a cabinet.
“He’s getting the medicine, the one he promised would––”
‘No! He can’t do that.’
‘Do what?’
‘Make us disappear.’
‘Don’t be silly; we can’t just vanish.’
The twisting of a faucet and water bouncing in a paper cup echoed through the room.
Pat, pat–– two taps. I glanced at mother, with her worried, sunken eyes. A plea to cooperate.
The Doctor approached, three pills in his latex gloved hand. I wanted to protest, but at mother’s pat, pat, I obediently opened my mouth. The pills slid down my throat.
‘Don’t worry, little pills can’t get rid of us.’
‘We’ll never.... leave.... don’t.... worry....’
A spurt of panic rose in my chest. “Are you there?”
‘. . . .’
“Answer me!”
‘. . . .’
Tears poured down my cheeks. The silence was a deafening echo. “Gone. All gone. Gone...”
Drained. Empty.
One pat, a brief touch on my shoulder–– “I’m sorry.”

Written based on a challenge to create a story no more than 250 words long.
Image by: Saumya


not wendy said...

What an exquisite story, may I ask if it`s about imaginary friends? x

ps. Thank you so so much for adding my blog to your inspirations list. You made my day. <3

Melee said...

I like this! I don't think I completely understand what it's about, but I don't care. :)

And, I was inspired to try to write a story that was under 250 words long. It didn't work so well... I ended up with a very nice 600 word story though, haha! :)

Princess Camille said...

Thank you for your lovely comments! <3

The story did seem confusing since there were so many talking in the dialogue. Everything in double quotes (") is being spoken outloud, and everything in single quotes (') isn't.

This story is about a girl who hears a variety of voices inside her head, yet they vanish when she takes the Doctor's pills. It's quite sad, really; I'd hate to lose friends, no matter what kind they are.

To Not Wendy: You're very welcome! I love your blog! It's so magical! <3

To Melee: I encourage you to persevere with writing a 250 word story, as it's a very fun challenge! Believe it or not, this story started out as over 1,100 words! I just kept cutting and editing until I reached my goal. I'm really glad I did that; I think it works a lot better shorter. I'm so glad you tried the challenge and managed to get a lovely 600 word story! :D

I need to check out your own blog; I haven't seen it yet. I'm sure it's lovely. <3