27 July, 2010

Ocean Dream

I swim in an Underwater Realm amongst fish and coral reefs, my tail glistening in the ocean light. My fingers brush against the seaweed and seashells buried deep in the sand, stars of the sea. Pearls are laced in my hair, glitter dots my skin. Magic vibrates through the water in hues of green and blue.

I was born to be a Mermaid.

All of these lovely paintings are by Josephine Wall.


Mademoiselle N.D. said...

When I was a child, I enjoyed dropping small toys into the pool to sink to the bottom and then pretended to be a mermaid discovering treasures as I swam along! ^_^

Princess Camille said...

Oh! How lovely and magical! I imagined something very similar too! I still do, in fact. <3 <3